1/8 Setups

EB48 2.0 2020 Cheyenne Showdown

EB48 2.0 2020 PNB

EB48 2.0 2020 Summer Base

EB48 2.0 2020 DNC

EB48 2.0 2020 SIC

EB48 2.0 2020 Omaha January

EB48 2.0 2019 Fall Brawl

NB48 2.0 2020 Cheyenne Showdown

NB48 2.0 2020 PNB

NB48 2.0 2020 Summer Base

NB48 2.0 2020 DNC

NB48 2.0 2020 SIC

NB48 2.0 2020 Omaha January

NB48 2.0 2019 Fall Brawl

NB48 2.0 2019 Buggyland

NB48 2.0 2019 US OPEN

NB48 2.0 Fastlane Oct 2019

NB482.0 2019 Lone Star

NB48 2.0 2019 Silver State

NB482.0 2019 PNB

NB482.0 2019 Ice Breaker

NT48.3 2020 DNC

NT48.3 2020 SIC

NT48.3 2019 Lone Star Challenge

NT48.3 2019 Silver State


EB48.4 2019 Silver State

EB48.4 2019 Ice Breaker

MP9 2010 ROAR Nats

MP9 2013 DNC

MP9 2013 Neo

MP9 2014 Lonestar Practice

MP9 2014 Lonestar Semi

MP9 2014 The Duel PL

MP9 2014 The Duel TA

MP9 2014 ROAR Nats

MP9 2014 WC Messina

MP9 2014 Kyosho Masters USA

MP9 2015 DNC

MP9 2015 SS

MP9 2015 NEOX

MP9 2015 PNB

MP9 2015 ROAR Nats

MP9 2016 Silver State

MP9 2016 NEO

MP9 2016 PNB

MP9 2016 Speed RC

MP9 2016 ROAR Nats



MP9 TKI4 2017 Silver State

MP9 TKI4 2017 PNB

MP9 TKI4 2017 NEO


MP9 TKI4 2017 AMS8.0

MP9 TKI4 2017 ROAR Nats

MP9 TKI4 2018 DNC

MP9 TKI4 2018 PNB

MP9 TKI4 2018 Silver State

MP9e 2013 Neo

MP9e 2014 ROAR Nats

MP9e 2015 DNC

MP9e 2015 SS

MP9e 2015 NeoX

MP9e 2015 PNB

MP9e 2015 ROAR Nats

MP9e 2016 Silver State

MP9e 2016 NEO

MP9e 2016 PNB


MP9e TKI4 2017 Silver State

MP9e TKI4 2017 PNB

MP9e TKI4 2017 NEO

MP9e TKI4 2017 AMAIN

MP9e TKI4 2017 AMS8.0

MP9e TKI4 2018 DNC

MP9e TKI4 2018 PNB

MP9e TKI4 2018 Silver State

STRR 2013 Silver State

STRR 2014 Lonestar

STRR 2014 The Duel PL

STRR 2014 The Duel TA

STRR 2014 ROAR Nats


STRR 2015 SS


STRR 2015 ROAR Nats

STRR 2016 Silver State


STRR 2016 ROAR Nats


STRR 2017 Silver State


STRR 2017 AMS8.0

STRR 2017 ROAR Nats



STRR 2018 Silver State

STRRe 2015 ROAR Nats

55 responses to “1/8 Setups

  1. jared hello, I’m a big fan, I also use kyosho, first of all I wanted to congratulate you! you’re really an exceptional driver !!! I write because I can not see your setup, see the uncompleted forms. Because ?
    Sorry for My bad english eheh
    Please contact me thank’s

  2. Hi Jared i got a couple questions how often do you put a new chassis on your nitro or e buggy? and do you feel any difference between a new one vs used one? i see you went back to the 8×1.3 piston what didn’t you like about the 5×1.5?

  3. Hi JT Do you add any wheights or stick weights on your Mp9E or your nitro if you do how many grams or oz and where is a goospot to stick em thanks

  4. HI JT on a on my tki3 I have 5-5-3 on diffs at my local track it is very loose dirt they hardly wet it. I was going try 7-7-3 will this make it easier to drive or think you can help me out with something i can start on diff oils. what will i notice if i go with thicker diff oils in front? Thanks JT and Keep riding that road Specilized maybe one day you will bring it and Ride here in San Diego CA one day thanks again πŸ™‚

  5. Mad Kudos on the Double Win at at 2015 Silver State. Really interested in seeing set-up for the MP9e when you get some time to post it. Thank you.

  6. Hey Jared, was wondering if you could maybe do a video on building 1/8 shocks on the MP9 or STRR or maybe even both? All of us probablly like to know how a Pro like you builds his shocks! Thanks


  7. Hey would you be able to post some pics of your truggy with the MP9 caster and spindle setup?

  8. Hi Jarod. About the MP9 nitro, what’s spring do you use with the carbon shoe and the two aluminum shoes ???? thanks for you reply. best regard, Chris

  9. Hi!

    I see you have started to use 5×1,5 pistons, what difference does it make to the car and what difference in oil thickness do I have to make between 1.3×8 and 1.5×5?

    Best of luck

  10. Hey Jared, I’m curious in what the difference in feel the 1.5X5 hole pistons feel compared to the 1.3X8 hole pistons in the MP9E. I’m running your 2014 ROAR E Nats setup… Thanks.

  11. Hi Jared, did you try to used the new MS front tower and 50mm shocks yet ? or you just stay with the stock tower and shock ? any reason ??? thanks

  12. Hello Jared I race an mp9 tki3, I have a question concerning throttle percentage. Do you use. The 1 or 2or 3 step throttle function./ allows the servo to move a set percentage when the trigger is pulled a specific amount. In order to control throttle position on the trigger finger? Also do you incorporate a.b.s. system to your style of driving.

    • I’m not really sure what you are referring too with the throttle function. I don’t adjust anything with the throttle other than sub trim to set my servo, and then EPA. No, I don’t use ABS.

  13. Hi Jared I wanted to ask you if you will be making a new how to tune series maybe? Since the old one isn’t really to clear on the hearing part and it would be awesome to see how the Mx/O.S engine does at tune with the Mx fuel. Thanks alot man!

  14. Thanks for posting video of your practice at Fastlane from yesterday. Incredible driving talent. I like the big air over that tricky left side jump. Can I ask what tires/compound you were running this weekend? Oh, and some good racing with Mitchel, really fun to watch.

    • I ran M3 switchblade in the main on Saturday, they were not good, but all I had with me. Sunday I ran X3 Fugitive and they were amazing!

  15. Good runs today at Omaha. Looking to get a Tki4, do you have a setup for Fastlane and what extra parts do I need that don’t come with kit?

    • I would get Alu 13 caster blocks, and 1.3×8 pistons. That’s pretty much it. My setups are all pretty similar. The Speed RC or NEO is what I run at Fastlane.

  16. Hi Jared, I contact you because I would like some advice about the truggy STRR EVO E. I can see that you use the new speed variator Orion 8.1 and motor 2100KV with LIPO 6400.

    I would like to know the battery life for this type of race configuration and i would like to know if it’s possible to have the setup of the Orion speed variator for the Truggy?

    Thanking you for this advice and I hope to see you one day in France for kyosho Masters.

    And sorry for my approximative English.

    You’ll be most welcome.

    best regards.

    • I don’t race my E Truggy very often, my run time is just over 10 minutes. My speedo settings are the same as my MP9e, and I think Team Orion has my settings on their site. I’m sorry, I don’t know my settings off the top of my head, and I’m at the airport.

  17. jared hello god bless you, I want to congratulate you on your performance in the mudial really driving incredible, you can post the setup you used in the final race.
    greetings from Oaxaca, Mexico and excuse my bad English

  18. Hello Jared, will you be running a JTU driving academy when you’re in Perth, Australia for the World Championships? Really hoping so..

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