First off I would like to share a little background to how I got to here. I grew up in Southern California, in a smaller town in the high desert called Rosamond. I grew up in a racing home, my Dad first racing street bikes and then us both racing motocross. My parents were divorced when I was in 1st grade and I transitioned between both parents for a while. I didn’t grow up attending a church, praying to God, or even really know that there is a God. My Mom was Christian I think, but I was never apart of that growing up. In 6th grade many things would change for me. I stopped racing motocross because I was not having fun getting injured all the time, and My Mom and I moved to a different city about an hour and a half away from where I grew up. My Dad would come visit me two days a week and I would spent every other weekend with him. About 6 months into my new life, my Dad took me to a RC hobby shop to check it out. They also had a race track behind the shop, and after that day, my life would be on a whole new path. I got in racing RC cars and my racing took off like crazy. Fast forward 6 years and in 2005 I had major highs and lows in my life. I had a booming racing career and was traveling the world racing RC cars. The other side was major family issues. My Mom tried comitting suicide and my Dad got arrested and was going to be going to prison. I knew a little about God, but not much, luckily I had a great girlfriend that was a Christian. In 2006 she helped lead me to Christ and forever change my life for the better. Here is the rest of my testimony. “God is good always, and always, God is good”


20 responses to “Testimony

  1. I commend you for staying true to your faith in God and in Jesus Christ! You are such an inspiration to me and many folks in the RC community!

  2. HI Jerod,
    we both love Jesus, RCs and Mountainbikes.
    Can you please send me an email where I can contact you?
    Blessings, Nic

  3. Fantastic Testimony. Thank you for sharing it and thank you for being a great Christian example, not of perfection, but of struggle and question, and ultimately faith. And thank you for not being afraid to share your story and your faith. I pray for your continued success in your career, your faith and your family. God is so great!

  4. Hey JT. My name is Andrew Castaneda I must say man from brothers in the Lord. You sure are the man. Listening to your testimony really touched my heart man. I wanna say I look up to you in racing aspects, but also being a man for the Lord. I wish there was a way to meet you bro. Keep up on the winnings man. Good luck in the Worlds! Sure will be rooting for ya! And one more thing. HOW! Can I get ahold of one of your racing shirts or a body that’d be awesome!

  5. Yeah, God IS amazing!!! Ever been to IHOP, near you?
    Btw: today arrived my JTP-T-Shirt! I´m missing that fish logo…?

    • Yeah I have been to IHOP a couple times, its pretty close to where I live. What shirt did you get? The only shirt that has a fish logo is my race shirts.

      • Cool! I love the IHOP-sytle-worship… on webstream that is.
        I got your simple blue shirt. Fits really well, by the way and feels like high quality, too.
        Why not incorporating a fish logo in one of your forecoming products?
        You got my word: I will by that thing, be it, what it may.

  6. nevertheless, I´m still waiting for a JTP-Brand hoodie, t-shirt, sticker, etc. with that fishlogo on it.
    You could do a “special edition” for christian racers only…?

  7. Thanks for sharing your testimony. You are a inspiration to other fathers and husbands out there. Thanks and may God continue to bless your and your family.

  8. Hey Jared,

    Been in and out of the hobby for 20 years, mtb is a passion of mine and so was mx.

    Your testimony tore me open and I have also suffered from the same addiction in my life which I battle daily. Also blessed with an amazing wife and 2 beautiful children. Your testimony is the reason God puts us here, to show people we not all perfect but that we are the sons of someone who is!!!

    Your racing career inspires me, your passion for Christ awakens me and I pray that you have the greatest success this next year. About to get back into RC, need to start a local club here in South Africa from scratch and they first car to be a member will hopefully be an RB6….

    Pray that you have a blessed life bro…


    • Thanks for sharing with me. Yes, I truly believe God gave me my racing career to share His love to other people. Amen brother, we are not perfect, but He is! Good luck with the RC club. Thanks, Jared Tebo

  9. Jared my name is David and I just watched your testimony and I broke down crying cause I’m pretty much the same both my parents passed two years ago and I have a addiction as well Ik God is working in my life He sent me to watch your testimony thank you so much for sharing this it’s time for me to let God take control of my life.

    • Wow, I’m very sorry to hear that you lost both parents, that must be very difficult. Yes, addiction is a terrible thing, it is still a daily struggle for me, but I am going much longer now without that sin in me, and I am seeing light at the end of the dark tunnel. I wish you the best in your walk, put God in all areas of your life! God Bless you brother, feel free to email me any time at jaredteboproducts@yahoo.com

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