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  2. Hey jared my names seth I’m a local racer here in springfield mo i race mainly in bolivar mo at the rc complex not shur if you have heard of it but its a great facility we are having 1 yr anniversary race the 27 which is soon i know but just wanted to invite you. it is a frophy race and we are expecting a good turnowould love to have a racer with your calliber and testimony to come check it out and race and possibly bring some merch to sell if not i totally understand but would love to have you thanks and god bless

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  5. Jared we have a brand new astro turf track here in Connecticut do you think the reds conversion is worth?

    • On Astro, the shaft drive style car drives very well. A laydown transmission with a longer chassis and shocks on the front of the arm is good too. A standard style dirt car is no contest to a “carpet or astro” style car.

  6. Hi Jared. How does the carbon tower effect the front end? More aggressive over stock? Is it more suited to high or low traction surfaces? Thanks. I hope your shop site is back online soon.

    • The front RB6 gives the car a littlme more steering and a better feel over bumps and jumps. It works great on low and high traction conditions. shopjtp.com is back open and shipping!

  7. Mr. Tebo, When will the chassis protector and the front shock tower be available for the rb6 if I may ask sir. And if it is where can I get them from

  8. Hey man quick question and im sure this has been discussed indepthly before but are you running the shorty sideways pretty much everywhere these days whether its high bite or medium bite? I run on a clay med/high bite track and didnt wanna start dremmeling my chassis down if inline will work well and ill have enuff rear bite. Im sure the answer varries on setup but just gimmie a short answer if possible lol. Inline or sideways overall for med/high bite? Thanks

    • I run sideways everywhere. Since I first did it to my car, I haven’t driven inline since. I think it gives better traction and makes the rear end work better.
      Jared Tebo

  9. Hey Jared, I just ordered the new updated HD chassis for the zx6. I was wondering what affects it will have on the car and also wanted to ask how you run your servo most of the time. Also was wondering what you think of the upcoming center diff as that was the main reason why i got the chassis so that i can be ready for it when it is released. Also just getting ready to order you shock towers and sniffers. thanks again

    • I run my servo in the sideways position and I run it on the passenger (right) side of the car. I love the center diff, it makes it so you can run all gear diffs. It’s much easier and I feel the handling is better also.

  10. Hi jared I placed an order on the 15th of February.
    I haven’t heard, or received anything yet.
    Could you check on it for me, and let me know how it’s getting on?
    Thanks Chris.

    • Yes. International shipment takes a little extra time. You should have received shipping information to the email address that you paid with. I just checked, it’s in England and should be to you very soon. Thanks for your purchase.

  11. Hello jared are Emanuele, a Sicilian rider. I’m a big fan of you, we met at the World in Messina, I follow you in all social. I have tried to have your autographed body but we have never been able, we live in two different continents and my financial resources are not significant to be able to come to the US and that is why it would be a big dream for me to have your body. could you send it to me? I pay all that there is to pay. thank you, I hope for a reply. excuse my language but I am not good.

  12. I don’t see anymore of your CF parts in store was wondering if you will be making them available again for the rb6, zx6, and if there will ever be anything for the rt6. I have been running the front carbon towers on my 2 and 4wd buggys and they are super strong and the best quality I’ve seen, I hope they make a comeback

  13. Would you be able to bring a red bracelet to the Byron’s race at Fastlane this weekend that I could purchase my son’s is breaking in a few spots and he would really like to get a new one this weekend from you. Thanks

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