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  1. Jared on the diff vid your holding one side i have always swiched from side to side wouldn’t holding just one side only break in one diff ring more?

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  3. Hi Jared,
    My name is Shane O’Connor from New Zealand. I sell Kyosho and run it myself. We are having issues down here with the STRR Servo Saver spring not being strong enough. Did you have any tips to help with this or do you do anything to your STRR?

    Look forward to your reply,

    Kind Regards,


    • It depends on the track. I like gear diff better because it’s more accurate and simpler, also you can get your slipper adjusted better. The downfall is on low grip tracks, gear diff is loose on corner entry. I think running 1000-3000 oil on low grip is a good option.

  4. what is the difference between running d-in/d-in or a-in/a-in? looks like most of you older setups were d-in/c-in but now I’m seeing you run a-in/a-in on your rt6…

  5. how can I get some of the roll our of the front of the sc6? running your 2015 crcrc setup and the front dips into the corners and either makes the car want to whip around or roll over…

  6. Hi jared I sent a message regarding my order.
    Just to let you know they’ve arrived.
    I haven’t had a chance to fit the yet, but they look fantastic quality.
    Thanks Chris.

  7. Whats up Jared, wanted to know your take on the shock bladder option…some guys where saying to run the STRR evo bladder in the buggy??? Or something like that, they said there is a bladder that I should be running but I don’t know what they really mean by that and what it makes the car do? I know it’s a weird question haha thanks for the help ๐Ÿ˜€

    • yes the run the older style bladder, most Kyosho top drivers do. It seems to just handle better, I have not ran the thin, HD bladder in a few years.

  8. Hey Jared,

    I was hoping to talk to you about the new TKI4. If you have a second please email me.


  9. Whats up Jared! I was wondering what the chances are of maybe a video on how you set backlash on you Lazer ZX6.6 with the gear diffs,I have never had any issues with stripping or barking a diff running the gear diffs, but I’m not sure if it’s me but maybe my car is a little more loud then a regular shaft driven 4wd or I just think it is haha. I figured I could see how you set yours for smoothest and most efficient operation. Thanks Jared!

  10. Is there a video for the conversion of a 3 gear mid to a 3 gear laydown on the rb6.6? The manual sucks for help unfortunately. Thanks in advance.

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