New paint

Rocking some new paint this weekend. I couldn’t get the new bodies (truck, 4wd) to my painter in Japan in time. I decided to just bust out a paint brush and go at it. For a couple paint brushes, a couple fascolor bottles, and a can of white, I’m pumped on them




4wd I only had one body and it was white. Found a video on YouTube of a guy getting paint off with break fluid. Megan went to Walmart to get some Dot 4. A few hours of soaking, bunch of scotch bright, boom it’s clear.



12 responses to “New paint

  1. Love the paint and the blog. It’s awesome to get a top level driver’s perspective of how a weekend like nationals is for them.

      • I dunno Jared,
        I think maybe in some way there was some kind of influence going on there. I dub thee, Isabella’s Bodies evermore. Don’t know why, but it just seems to make sense. As if she could have painted for her dad, it could have turned out like they did.

  2. just a tip, I found when I did the brake fluid trick it “fogged” the windows.Mask the windows with some aluminium tape,like the stuff they wrap around the joints on your heating ducks.Thanks for the blog

  3. Yo yo, I let Joe know earlier this year that if you were ever in a bind like this or needed something done quick that i would hook you up as a full sponsored driver. I run a helmet painting company out of Indianapolis and do a ton of bodies as well since i race……A Kyosho man myself!! Cjeck out the site and work…

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