My RC story

Last week I did an interview with Jason Ruona about my journey so far in RC. It was really fun to reflect back on how it all started, and all the great moments in between. Check out Radio Impound Podcast and listen to the interview. I’ve had a great career in the first 13 years, and I’m excited for what is to come next in my racing career. Thanks to all my sponsors and especially all my great fans. I enjoy meeting all you around the world. Thanks and God Bless

5 responses to “My RC story

    • Thanks. Yeah it was nice even for me to reflect back to how it all started and the journey. God has had a plan for my racing career. Sometimes it’s crazy how all the bad things, later down the road, are the biggest blessings in life. Thanks for the comment

  1. Just finished listening to the interview, It was a great listen, especially how it all started for you. Good luck at the Worlds! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great interview Jared. It was neat hearing the history of your racing career, it made the last 2 hours fly by trucking down the road. Good luck at the worlds!

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