2013 IFMAR Worlds: Day 3 over

Today was a great day. Started off with a Q1 TQ. In Q2 the sun came out and I didn’t change my shock oil with the temps. I was going good, but then I had one flip in front of the drivers stand. I ended up 15th for Q2. The field is extremely tight. In Q3 I went up on my oils and my car felt great. I ended up with a clean run and a TQ. Q4 I was really running good and leading the heat. I jumped a little too inside on the front table top corner jump, and flipped of the pipe. I lost 3 seconds and feel way back in the order. I pushed super hard and finished off really strong and still got a 3 for the round. I need 1 more TQ tomorrow. Can wait for tomorrow and the chance to fight for a World Championship. Thanks for checking in, God Bless.

4 responses to “2013 IFMAR Worlds: Day 3 over

  1. Rooting for you to win!

    And hoping you keep developing your website. It’s great!

    Would love to see how to articles and set up tips and driving tips.

    Go Tebo!!!!!

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