CRCRC Final Practice

Practice is all over here at CRCRC. Today the track was much worse than yesterday. There are Mario Kart banana peels all over. There are probably 20 drip spots from the roof and if you hit a wet spot, you just completely spin out and can’t get back going for about 1/4 of a lap. The 2wd cars are really sketchy and inconsistent feeling. Beyond that, my cars felt pretty good. We had a final seeding practice with your best 3 consecutive laps. I got good runs in all 3. Somewhere in the top 3 in 2wd, fastest in truck, and fastest in 4wd. My 4wd was amazing!!!!! I had a really fast and clean run in the seeding run, so that was a great confidence boost for qualifying.

Busted out my new race gear today as well.

Really happy with my new shirts for 2013!!!!! Look up Hella Graphics to get some sweet custom gear.

Also got my newest bodies today as well. They look pretty good and I’m feeling the yellow. All you yellow wheel haters are gonna have to just get used to it 🙂



Qualifying starts tomorrow. Gonna try to score no points!!!! Haha Hopefully have a good day and enjoy being back out at a race. Check back tomorrow for updates after Q1 and Q2. Thanks for reading and God Bless.

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