Day 1 qualifying CRCRC

Q1 and Q2 are over here in Ohio. Not a perfect day, but pretty good.

2wd. Started off with 5th, but my car felt pretty good. Q2 was much better. I was feeling good and running good laps. Maifield was leading, but I was right there. Then I came up just a little short on the front triple, and BUBBA swapped off the track. I recovered and came back for 2nd. Gonna make a rear spring change for tomorrow. Seemed too soft in the rear and I couldn’t keep it off the rear in the long turns.

Truck. Q1 had too many mistakes and got a 2nd. Made some changes to try to smooth out my ride for Q2. Truck felt much better and I was had a pretty good run. Made two dumb crashes, but still got the TQ.

4wd. Started off with a great run to get TQ in Q1. Car felt great. Q2 was pretty good. I got really wild on the front rhythm twice and let Maifield build a lead. He bobbled at the end, but he still got me by half a second. Car felt kinda like my 2wd, rear end feels soft. Gonna make a spring change on it as well.

Family is watching during dinner. I have the best fans at home!!!! Love you girls

Decent day today. Pumped up for tomorrow. Thanks for checking in and God Bless.

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