JTP gear for JC Nats round 1

I was wanting to just throw out there that if anyone wanted me to bring some JTP gear to St Louis this weekend, I can. I got stuff made a couple years ago, but never really committed to sell it. Here’s what I have.

5950 hats $25
Dark grey and red / Light grey and white.

Splat shirt $15
Many different colors.

JTP products shirt $15
Many different colors.

Race replica shirts (not my current) $20
Black / white

Original JTP $15

Zip hoodie $35

Hoodie $30
Tan / Black

Pit mat $30

I don’t have everything is all colors or sizes. Just email what you are looking for. I’ll respond back if I have what you want.

Please email jaredteboproducts@yahoo.com

Hope to see you guys in St Louis this weekend. God Bless

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