Prep for The Dirt

The Dirt nitro challenge is getting closer. I am back at it hard building fresh new cars for the 2014 season.

Here is my MP9 and MP9e getting built. My plan is to have them as rollers by tonight. I’ll post some updated pics as they get closer.


Also received my newest batch of bodies from Jam Air. I am really happy with the look and colors of these things. They have a really bright and fluorescent look to them. Thanks Jamie!



Hopefully I will be getting my stickers and wraps soon. Looking forward to getting everything all ready and burning some nitro. Check back later for more updates. Thanks and God Bless

13 responses to “Prep for The Dirt

  1. can you post more photos of your work area/RC room? I’m planning my man cave and would like to get some ideas šŸ™‚

  2. I forgot to say congratulations on the second. I have two little girls myself and I think Barbie gets more time with my rc cars than I do.

  3. Good luck at Dirt Nitro Challenge. Two questions if you don’t mind. It looks like your chassis’ (and shock towers) are the dark bronze color that comes with new kits. The replacement chassis’ are a lighter tan color. In photos I’ve seen, the lighter color replacement chassis is the one most pros use, including you. Per people on Rctech, the kit chassis is 3mm and the replacement chassis is a little thicker- 1/8″ (about 3.18mm). Any reason for the change? handling, durablitly etc…

    Second question- it looks like your engine mount is the older blue one. Also per rctech, it is one mm taller than the current bronze one that comes in the kit. That has been debated at length on the forum. Can you tell me why you’re using the blue one please?

    The new color scheme on the bodies are very nice. The added yellow matches yellow wheels nicely.

    Thank you. God bless.

    • Sure I’ll answer your questions. The chassis. They should be the same thickness. I measured mine and they seemed to be the same. The kit chassis and towers are just anodized brown. The replacement parts are hard anodized to last a little longer. There should be no handling difference. I used the brown because I had them to use, and I like the look.

      The blue engine mounts are different. I like them for three reasons. I don’t like to drill a hole in the chassis for the clutch bell. It’s taller and bell doesn’t rub the chassis. With it taller, the filter has more room on top of the brake linkage. Also the mount is shorter in length and it gives you room to have nuts on the top of the engine mount plate.

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