22 responses to “Teaser shot

  1. Nice, love that dripping blood effect with the red! Where do you get the small fish sticker you always have on your cars? Best of luck at the Dirt. Lord Bless you and your family.
    p.s. I work at a Gospel Rescue Mission, and next time I have to preach I was hoping to show the video of your testimony, before my sermon,is that cool with you?

    • It is the MP9e TKI3 body. It really fits great, has much more room for the filter and pipe, and I feel it handles really good too. I was never really a big fan of our cab forward body.

    • Pretty close to my normal base setup. Last year my buggy setup was a little different.

      Come see me before practice starts and I can run you through them. They should be pretty good

  2. That is the ugliest buggy ever. Do yourself a favor and send it to me immediately for proper use. My address is……….lol. Looking good homie. 😜

  3. hey tebo i run kyosho laser zx5 fs2 sp on a loamy to very loamy track,
    if you have a basic start set up for this type of track, i am would really appreciate, bwt i love kyo but they are too expensive in long term, my 4wd is the last standing so give a hand to my eldery.
    kind regards

  4. Hi Jared I have a quick question,
    I’ve been running the TKI3 for about a year now and I’ve been loving it, the only thing my car gets really thrown off on rougher sections of the track. What should I do to try to correct this

    Thanks Justin

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