Out in Cali

Yesterday I flew out to CA to get a little practice before The Dirt. Pretty good day today. Started off with a trip to Kyosho to grab some parts I needed. Then we took a cool detour to Troy Lee Designs.





That place was really cool to see. Had tons of old race stuff and really cool helmets.

After that we headed out to Thunder Alley. There were some other drivers out there getting laps in too.

All my cars were new, so just wanted to shake them down. Pretty good day at the track too. All three cars felt good and I felt comfortable driving. I can’t wait to get out to AZ and get this thing started. I’m not too happy with my performance at Reedy Race, so I’m really wanting to race again and show what I got!

Check back in all week as I will have daily updates of the entire week. I’ll try to give you guys a cool view behind the scenes. Thanks for checking in and God Bless.

3 responses to “Out in Cali

  1. Jared- Got your email and sent a reply…drop me a line whenever you want and we can chat. Keep up the great work with the blog and good luck at the event. Best, J.

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