Q2 and Q3 buggy The Dirt

Finally back at the hotel and it’s midnight.

After my rough Q1, I grabbed some healthy track food.

Straight fitness right there. I’ll be paying for that later.

Made a couple changes for Q2 and it was better. My first 4 laps I got destroyed by traffic. Bradley crashed in front of me and I hit his car, do a 360 and have to roll a double and cars pass. Then Lutz crashed infront of me, I flip his car on his wheels and I crash. Then the next lap he crashed again and I hit his car and crash again. Then on the 4th lap I crashed all on my own. I was way back, but got in a groove and ran all clean laps to end up 7th for the round. Car still didn’t feel comfortable.

Q3 I changed my servo horn. I always use a Ko horn, and built all my new cars with the Kyosho aluminum horn, not realizing that the KYOSHO is longer. WOW my front end finally felt normal. I had a really clean run and had the fastest run of the day. Getting a TQ to go with my 7th will help my starting spot. Not sure yet where that will put me, somewhere around 4th or 5th I think.

Really happy with my last run. Nice confidence booster going into tomorrow. I am my worst enemy sometimes with just doing stupid changes that I need to do, hence different servo horn. Ready to rock tomorrow!!!!!

I’m off to bed, thanks for checking in and God Bless.

2 responses to “Q2 and Q3 buggy The Dirt

  1. That’s interesting about the horn. It would make steering twitch for sure. Which KO horn do you use? I see they have a GM black and silver one.

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