Headed off to Cactus Classic

Back at the airport. This trip is already a little different than normal. I slept last night and I wasn’t slaving all morning packing and barely making it to the airport. That’s my normal style. I’m proud to say that this time I was more prepared. I was packed up Friday, and enjoyed a free family packed weekend. It was AMAZING!!!!

Had a date day with my wife on Saturday. We went antique shopping in downtown KC…..yes that’s right, Jared Tebo loves to bargain antiques. Scored a sweet lamp for the bedroom, a really cool huge frame for our family picture, and an outdoor patio set from 1960. It’s all rustic white steel with aged yellow leather pads, fits our style perfect. After that we went and saw “Son of God”. I don’t really care for movies, but this one was awesome.

I must share a little experience I had. I dislike movies, movie theaters, and most of all, movie previews. You go and try to watch a clean movie, but the previews they show of other, not so clean movies , make me just want to go back home. This time was different. There were only two movie previews. “Heaven is for Real” and “Noah”. How awesome is that!!!!!! I saw all Christian previews and a Christian movie. I feel pretty blessed to be able to have 3 amazing movies that are being played in major movie theaters that I can go see. I urge you all to check them out.

Then Sunday was a nice relaxing family day, and today it was 70 degrees. Megan, Roz, and I all rode our bikes to Subway for lunch. It was really fun. Spring might be upon us!!!!!

Now I’m at the airport and I actually have energy. I’ve slept great the past week and haven’t had any crazy late work nights. I ready to get out and burn laps. Can’t wait to see the track tomorrow. Hope to see you all out there. Thanks for reading and God Bless!

4 responses to “Headed off to Cactus Classic

  1. Good luck at the Cactus Jared. I got a question regarding the new Orion VST2 1900 E scale motor Iam running the original Orion r8 pro and the motor seems really slow with the sensor wire plugged in without it plugged in it seems fine would you run it without or do you think there is another issue. Thanks

  2. Thanks for the quick reply i noticed your car you were running it and i figured it worked better with the new r8 pro x. Have a great time and bring home the hardware!!

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