Cactus Qualifying Over

Qualifying is all wrapped up here at the 2014 Cactus Classic. I had another good day today.

In truck I got the TQ in Q3 and Q4 to get overall TQ. I feel really good with my truck. Looking forward to the mains.

4wd was good again. Q3 I was pushing hard and made a couple costly mistakes. I was still in 2nd, but then I crashed with two laps to go and gave up my good finish. Was bummed with my mistakes, but my pace is good. Q4 was a great qualifier. I rolled it the first lap, but I landed back on my wheels. I stayed calm and kept my pace. Car felt really good and I ended up in 2nd. I will start the mains in 2nd behind Jorn. I feel good for the mains.

2wd today was frustrating. My car has been really good and I’ve been driving good, but not putting the whole run together. Q3 I was really fast and fighting for the TQ, but I made mistakes and threw it away. Q4 I needed a good run. I had a TQ, but my next best point was a 10. I wanted a good solid run. My car started good and halfway through the heat, I was leading. I was a little off the TQ time from the B heat, so I started pushing a little more. On the last lap I was close to TQ, but I made a stupid mistake and crashed. I dropped from leading the heat to 5th in my heat and 7th for the round. I was really mad at myself after that. Luck would be on my side though, I was in a 3 way tie for 4th overall. I had the fastest combined time and I will start 4th in the mains. My car is good, I just need to drive a little better.

I’m looking forward to the mains, can’t wait to race. Thanks for checking in and God Bless!

2 responses to “Cactus Qualifying Over

  1. Hi, I noticed you are running AKA wheels on your RB6. what rear axles are you running, or are you drilling out your wheels for correct fitment?
    I want to run AKA wheels, but still want to have that stock fitment quality.

    • Yes I run AKA wheels. The wheels have the same offset as the stock wheels. Only difference is the rear thickness where the nut is. To fit the Losi car also, that part needs to be thicker. I just run a thin nut. The offsets are the exact same.

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