Electric Nats Q1 and Q2

Day 1 of qualifying saw a morning 2 minute practice, 2 rounds of qualifying, and then 2.5 hours of open practice afterwards.

Buggy is up first. Q1 for me was a rough heat with me having a few crashes. Dakota ran really fast, but I still managed 2nd in the round. I felt ok, better than practice, but still not the speed I need.

Truggy Q1 was pretty good. I had decent speed and was close to Dakota all race. I lead for a little, but then I missed the right side double to chicane. I over jumped it a little 2 laps in a row. Ended up 2nd in that race too.

2nd was my number in Q1 and Q2. Buggy I had better pace than Q1, but I had a few goon moments. I dropped way back, but then got in a good groove and finished strong. Took another 2nd. Truggy was similar. Got another 2nd.

In the practice I tried a few little things and got pretty comfortable on the track. In hoping that Q3 and Q4 I can have more speed and pressure Dakota. Should be good.

Thanks for checking in and God Bless.

6 responses to “Electric Nats Q1 and Q2

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  2. It was a pleasure to meet you! I had a good time watching you and was really pulling for you to win the other buggy main! I really appreciate what you give to this hobby and your kind nature is something we build off of in our house. Thank you again and God bless!!!

    • Thank you very much for the kind words. Yeah I really wanted to win A3. Oh well, I’m happy to have at least had a chance to win. God Bless you guys too

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