2014 ROAR Electric 1/8 National practice videos

Here are two videos from practice during the 2014 ROAR electric 1/8 Nationals at Gulf Coast Raceway.

The first video is from the first day of practice.

The second video is after Q3 and Q4. You can see that the back triple was changed. It was brutal on the cars and electronics.

7 responses to “2014 ROAR Electric 1/8 National practice videos

  1. Hey Jared i was watching the videos you posted track looked really cool to run i noticed your buggy is pretty quiet did you run a plastic spur gear? i run the metal gear and its pretty noisy if you ran the metal spur how are you getting it so quiet?

    • I use the stock metal gear. It must just sound quiet on the video 🙂 Getting your mesh correct and having your gears not too worn will help with noise. I also put a little bit of Kyosho ring gear grease on the gears. That actually helped them be a little quieter.

    • You must use grease on the ring and pinion gears. The best is Kyosho ring gear grease. I don’t use any grease on the internal diff gears. I was just trying to answer your first question about the plastic spur gear. No, I use a steel KYOSHO gear. I do put a small amount of ring gear grease on the spur gear to make it a little quieter. I’m not sure of the brand of pinion. KYOSHO doesn’t make pinion gears big enough. I think I used Losi pinion gears.

  2. Thanks i figured you didnt use grease on the spider gears iam gonna try a little on the pinion and spur a try thanks for the great info.

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