Heading to The Duel

Back at the airport again. Yes…..I was home for a whopping 8 days 🙂

Headed out to CA to race The Duel. I am really looking forward to it. Unique format, 2 tracks, Thunder Alley and Proline, and Reedy race style racing. Should be interesting.

I’ve had some hectic days this week. I seem to always be trying to catch up on my wrenching. After races the days just go by sooooooo fast and then I’m behind on getting my cars ready. For this race I fully rebuilt both my truggy and buggy. After The Duel, I’m home for 1 day, then fly to Alabama for AMS. I needed fresh cars so they will be good at both races. I’ve been needing to clean up my RC work area, so last week I spent 3 days being janitor and organizing and cleaning. I dislike that stuff a lot!!!!! I’m hoping this is gonna help me though. I want my work area clean and organized, then maybe working on my cars will be easier. Key word….maybe 🙂

Oh well….I’m all ready to rock, my cars are fresh, my bodies are looking good, and I’m excited to race!!!!! Can’t wait to run on 2 different tracks and 2 tracks that Levi Jackson built. In my opinion, he builds the best RC tracks in the world. I like Joey C…..but come on…..I would love to never jump a “The Dirt” step up ever again! Haha. I used to race at Proline a lot, but I haven’t driven there since 2008, so that should be fun too.

Have a pretty exciting day planned for tomorrow. Joe Pillars and I were planning on a DH MTB day, but Joe hurt his arm and can’t go now. I still wanted to go, so I asked my Dad if he wants to join me. Our relationship has been very rocky since Bella in 2012 and we actually haven’t seen each other since summer 2012. I didn’t think he would want to go, but he did. I’m really excited to spend a whole day with my Dad, and not at an RC track. Last time I saw him not at a RC track was Jan 2011, so I’m looking forward to it. I’m really hoping we can talk and work on our relationship some as well. I really miss how close we used to be.

Well….getting ready to board, check back in tomorrow to see how my travel adventure goes and the DH MTB day with my Dad. Hope you all are doing great, and excited to see all you racers out in CA. God Bless!!!

4 responses to “Heading to The Duel

  1. Family first! Good luck this weekend. I just bought my first MTB and am getting hooked on it.

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