ROAR Nats MP9 under construction

I am actually ahead of schedule, well, right on schedule, which is ahead of normal. Nats is over a week out and I’m already building my cars. I’m pumped on that. Here’s a few teaser shots as of tonight. Things going together SWEET!!!




Check back in later in the week for a Car Check with the finished car. Can’t wait for Nats!!!!! Hope you all had a good weekend and God Bless!

15 responses to “ROAR Nats MP9 under construction

  1. Awesome! I really liked the new brace in my last race with my MP9. Do you still drill the hole in the chassis?

    • No I don’t drill the hole. I use the blue engine mount, it’s a little taller. I like it for two reasons, I can put nuts on top of the plate, and the clutch bell has more room.

    • No not really. I normally reuse all my Ti screws and turnbuckles. I keep all my used parts for locals that run Kyosho. I normally don’t build kits either, normally rebuild cars with parts.

  2. Hi Jared I know ur in 8th scale beast mode but now that they announced the zx6 with pics can u post some general and setup info on the car. Good Luck at the Nats!

    • I don’t really have general info or anything for the car. My car has been the prototype car, so the production car will be different a little. Once I get the new setup sheet, I will be able to post up my setups from this year though.

      • Great can’t wait. My home track is very similar to ur home track. Would love to get that setup sheet. Thanks

  3. Hi Jared how many gas 1/8th buggy kits do u have a year ? And what do u do with all your old cars ?

    Cheers jon

    • It all depends. I normally rebuild existing cars. My Nats car is my first 1/8 kit of the year. I don’t end up with old cars. They are always getting rebuilt

  4. Hey Jared on your mp9e car how much brake epa do you run i am having an issue when i get on the brakes for a 180 degree turn the front drops alot and then pushes or is there a setup change you would do to stop this it’s on a low bite track? i see you run preload on your rear swaybar will doing that take grip away from the rear?

    • Brake EPA on mp9e is normally around 75 or 80. I would try stiffer shock oil, or a little higher ride height. Make sure your upper front arm is in the L position as well.

      Preload on the sway bar will make it stiffer. I am always 1mm front and 3mm rear.

  5. Jared, I am currently running a 48 spur gear and 13t pinion on the ST-RR EVO. What would happen if I move to a 50 spur, would I get better acceleration or more top speed? Do you only use the 50 Spur?

    • 50 spur gear would give you less lop speed and more rpms. I used to always run 13/48. I’m actually building my Nats truggy with 13/48 because I felt under geared at the warm up race.

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