SC6 :)

Today has been a good, fun RC day. Yesterday I finished building my first SC6!!! Contemplated on how to build it, mid, or rear motor, I went for mid.




First impression of the truck is pretty darn positive. I haven’t really driven SC since last October, but I got it going good. I started pretty close with how the book said to build it, then made some changes. I think I’ve got a good base to start with for next weeks Hot Rod Shootout.

My day was also awesome because I got to sport the new JTP WC shirt.

Look for my online store to go up late this week.

3 responses to “SC6 :)

  1. Awesome. I’m not a big SC fan but I can’t wait to see what you come up with on the 2W side.

  2. Jared

    How are you? Where did you get the stand made?

    Thank You Jon Whitenton Account Manager Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Co. P.O. Box 4016 * 302 Flato Road Corpus Christi Tx 78469 Ph# 361-289-1444 or 800-289-1445 Cell# 361-877-3033 Fax# 361-289-7555 Website: Email:


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