Hot Rod Shootout

I’m back out in California this weekend for the 2014 HotRod Shootout in Saugus, CA. This is one of the tracks where I raced when I first got into RC.

Track is pretty good, and already has tons of traction. Yesterday we had some practice, today is more practice , with qualifying on Saturday and Mains on Sunday. Got a pretty good feel of the track yesterday, but still need to fine tune some today. I’m running all 4 Mod classes, so it’s a little busy, but I really enjoyed driving all my cars yesterday.

Also, I have some hats and my new shirts with me for sale. If any of you are coming out this weekend and are interested in any JTP gear, feel free to come over and check out what I have. Hope to see you guys out here this weekend. God Bless.

8 responses to “Hot Rod Shootout

    • Yeah. There is a store page on my blog that has a link to the store. Or just type in

      Great to meet you this weekend. It was really fun watching you and doing the pro am together. Good job

  1. Hi Jared,
    Can you post your MM SC setup? Also, any reasons why you go back and forth between the gull arms and the 521-1? What do you see as the pros and cons?

    • Yeah I will post all my setups. I’m also working on a setup page on my blog to have all my setups on. That would be much easier. The flat arm seems much better on high grip outdoor. I can’t get a comfortable rear end feel with the gull wing on outdoor high grip. In indoor I don’t have the same feeling issues with the gull arms.

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