Painter on Double Duty

This week my painter is a busy dude. Jamie Farrel is the mastermind behind my new paint job for 2014, Jam Air Paint in Indianapolis, and also a 50+ time Karting National Champion.

This week Jamie is at his National Championship race event, but in his downtime, he is painting my RC bodies for my NationalChampionship race. Hopefully I can have a successful week as he is having. With his Dad handling his Karts, he’s painting my bodies and winning some races while doing it.


Rocking a JTP WC Stripe shirt on the Podium!!!! Doing me proud


Got the trackside paint station all setup. Thanks for the hard work and the great looking bodies.

Remember, if your looking for a professional looking RC body, contact Jamie at

One response to “Painter on Double Duty

  1. That scheme looks awesome on your cars this year! What do you do with the old ones? Ever sell them to anyone? It’d be cool to have a rb6 body for a souvenir.

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