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I just wanted to inform eveyone that I have just published my Setup page here on my blog. As of right now, it has all my 1/10 setups with the current 6 series of Kyosho cars (RB6, RT6, ZX6, SC6). I am working on getting all my 1/8 setups up in the next couple weeks. This page will be the place to look for all my latest setups for all your Kyosho vehicles. Thanks for checking it out and I hope these setups can help you to get all dialed in at your local track, or a track that you are traveling to. You must have Adobe to pull these up. You can look at them on a computer, or download Adobe to your smart phone for quick and easy, at the track access. Good Luck and God Bless!

14 responses to “New Setup page posted

    • Just testing things. The servo is much farther forward in the 6 series than 5 series cars. I feel the front end is too soft in my RT6 and SC6. That prototype tower didn’t really fix my feeling though.

  1. JT, do you find the ZX6 easier, better, faster to drive than the ZX5? Any tips on how to make a 5 run close to a 6? Reason I ask is that I’m planning on attending Cactus next year and I’ll be running super stock (13.5T). Thanks in advance.

  2. How did you get the 71grams of weight behind the battery on the RT6 set up? Did you use more of those WTS brass weights? Where is any room to add that much… The motor trans and shock tower are so tight I can’t find a spot to stick more weights.

  3. Hi JT
    And thanks sharing you setups with us, I wounder could you use the same springs colours on the ZX5 and ZX6. I mean would you choose the same spring colours if you raced the ZX5 and ZX6 on the same track. Or are the two buggys, not so close in setup?

      • But do you consider the ZX5 as a car for low grib tracks, because of the twist you get from the chassis. And the ZX6 as the car for the high grib tracks because of the stiffness in the chassis.
        How do you see the big differences in the two cars.

      • No i wouldnt say that. The zx5 in my opinion had many flex issues. The zx6 is way more consistent feeling. The motor mount being in the middle helped out. I also prefer the shorty layout with the motor in the rear. When you hit the throttle hard, the car stays straight, it doesnt torque steer.

  4. I can’t see your set ups cause I think it’s due to me using an iPhone. I’ve noticed people saying there shaving there rear Arms 2mm to put everything forward more and have a shorten wheelbase front to back. How and why are people doing this ?

    • Yeah you need adobe to see the setups. Sorry. Im not sure what car your talking about. Let me know what car your wondering about, and I will try to help.

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