New Videos

I have posted 3 new videos from a practice day at Fastlane Raceway in Blue Sprins, MO. They are nothing too special, but check them out.

2 responses to “New Videos

  1. Have you been testing the gear diffs more? Most, if not all, of your setups posted show you running ball diffs. I think a lot of ZX6 racers are waiting to see your feedback on running gear diffs. Especially since most of the newer cars are coming with gear diffs and center gear diffs.

    • I have not been testing gear diffs. I only run them in really high traction conditions. In my previous testing, i feel that the gear diffs front and rear are very loose when the track is not high traction. I feel that to have gear diffs work properly, you need them in front, center, and rear. The slipper doesnt give enough for the front and rear gear diffs.

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