Welcome 2015

2014 has come and gone, and it seemed to just fly by. Overall, 2014 was a great year, we had our sweet boy Cole. Racing wise, it was ok, but not what I want. Life wise, it was really good, I really had some good family time, worked hard on becoming a better man, husband, and father. Rekindled my relationship with my Dad, which was a HUGE prayer answered.

So 2015, is it going to just be another 365 days that fly by? I sure hope not. Who doesn’t love a new year? You get a fresh start, make new plans, set new goals, get a new calendar. I want to really make 2015 count and make steps forward.

December is a weird month. January is so close, so you kind of just push things off and take the….”I’ll do that when the new year starts.” Then January is here too fast and you have this pressure to do all these things. I fall into that some years, but I’m trying to be better.

Megan and I sat down New Years Eve and came up with some 2015 goals. Personal goals, marriage goals, and business goals. The key for me is making realistic goals that I can meet. I’m a large scale dreamer, so I can set goals too high, and then I’m just discouraged most of the time.

Step back, take a good look at your life, set some reachable goals, and then plan and be productive to reach those goals. Make 2015 not another year that flew by, make it a great year where you made progress in life.

See you all at the races, God Bless.

2 responses to “Welcome 2015

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