5 responses to “2015 Reedy Race Setups

  1. What did you use to hold the battery in the sideways position? How does a sideways battery affect suspension setup?

    • I use all the stock parts. I drill new holes in the chassis to mount the front battery mount. I think the sideways battery position helps generate more overall traction, front and rear. The car has more side to side weight transfer. The rear end seems to work more proper with the battery sideways and the new hole in the arm. Squats better, lands better, has better traction.

  2. Hi Jared I read your Reedy Race report, Specifically what change helped with rear end traction. Im using your JC Invite setup and am lacking a little on power steering and forward bite. What can I change to get more on power steering. Thanks

  3. Really appreciate the setup sheets being uploaded so quickly. A photo from the top with the body off would be a great help as well. Sure looks like 2015 is going to be great year.

  4. Hi Jared,
    Do you know who will sell the Maxima engines and fuel here in the USA? Will they be available soon?


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