How to Build a 1/8 Diff

Here is another JTP Tech Video. This time I am showing you how to properly build a 1/8 gear diff. I hope this can help you the next time you have your car torn down.

5 responses to “How to Build a 1/8 Diff

  1. So just rebuilt my shocks. Put pink in the front. Gold In the rear. 32.5 all the way round and medium ends all the way around. And 2×1.6 pistons all the way around. My collars are all the way to bottom of the threads all the way around. I just don’t get Why you and other pros dont have to screw them down very far to get proper ride hieght. the rear barely even bounces back. it’s set 24mm ride heights all the way around and I was lucky to get that much

    • Something is bound up in your suspension. Take your shocks off, and give it the hang test. Hold your car on its side, in the air, with shocks off. Your arms should swing freely when you lightly rock your car. If they don’t, something is bound up. If that’s not it, then your shock o-rings are swollen and tight. Rebuilding your shocks, did you put in new o-rings, or just replace the oil?

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