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Hey Guys … wanted to say that I have added two more new pages to the JTP RC Blog. First new page is the Tech Tip Video page, which will have all my JTP How To videos. Any new video I add, will be added to that page. The second new page added is the Schedule page, this page will have all my racing dates and also JTU dates. JTU dates are still in the works, so check back later for more announcements about JTU. Thanks for being a part of JTP and the RC racing family, God Bless.

6 responses to “New Pages Added

  1. Hey Jared, Thomas Tran here. How are you doing buddy? I’ve been working on a chassis stiffner for the RB6 that a buddy made out of CF. A few guys have been running it down here on high grip and carpet and it seems to work really well. I gave a couple to JP to send to you and was wondering if you had a chance to try it? Thoughts? Feedback? Here is version 1. V2 has a small update to allow esc with fan in the back and works with sideways and inline.

    I just felt that grinding the chassis made the chassis a bit too flexy longitudinally. Hit me up at I’m always down to try and get the K cars better so everyone can perform better.

    • Hey Thomas. That looks pretty good. No I haven’t got anything from Joe. Yeah I am not too sure about the flex, I really don’t think it is an issue. I haven’t driven on carpet though. With the chassis having the kick up on the sides, that makes it quite a bit stiffer than others that are just a flat chassis.

      • Yeah you have to stiffen it up. I run the aluminum posts with a CF brace that connects to the holes on the waterfall. Even when you grind the chassis the stress relief alone makes the chassis bend. Using the brace allows my car to feel just as stiff as a B5M. Without it the rear end is very spongy and it bounces around.

        I’m able to use the stock places on my chassis as well.

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