MP9 Car Check PNB 2015

RACE: 2015 Psycho Nitro Blast

Driver: Jared Tebo

Tools: MIP

Car: Kyosho MP9 TKI3

Engine: MX/OS B2

Venturi: OS Speed 2 6.5mm

Pipe: OS 2090

Plug: OS P3

Battery: Team Orion 2500 7.4V

Servo: KO Propo RSx2 Power HC

Servo Horn: KO Propo Aluminum Silver

Radio: KO Propo EX-1 KIY Ver. 3

Tires: AKA Gridiron 2 Super Soft

Wheels: AKA Evo

Screws: Lunsford Titanium

Turnbuckles: Lunsford Titanium

Shock Pins: Lunsford Titanium

Body: Kyosho MP9 TKI3 High Downforce

Wing: Kyosho MP9

Paint: TD Paints

Stickers: Upgrade-RC

Sponsors: Kyosho, MX, AKA, Team Orion, Ko Propo, JTP,, Upgrade-RC, TD Paint, Lunsford, MIP,, Bike Source, Specialized, Rock Brook Church

Hop Up Parts: Hard Chassis IF473; Hard Front Shock Tower IF477; Hard Rear Shock Tower IFW408B; Aluminum Wing Stay Brace IFW402B; Front Upper Arm Holder Aluminum IFW406; Aluminum Front Hub 13 degree IFW412; Hard Servo Saver IFW459; Hard Front Suspension Shaft Screw IFW458; 5.8mm Hard Ball W0201H (sway bar); 5.8mm Hard Ball 92653H (sway bar); 6.8mm Hard Ball IFW417 (steering); 6.8mm Hard Ball IFW417(steering); 6.8mm Hard Ball IF464H(front upper arm); 6.8mm Hard Ball W0204 (shock); 7.8mm Hard Ball IF463H (rear camber); 7.8mm Hard Ball IF465H (rear camber); Hard Shock Bushing IF346-04L; Tall Engine Mount IFW102

Setup: MP9 2015 PNB

Weight: 3282 Grams







6 responses to “MP9 Car Check PNB 2015

  1. Do you have any info on how to get one of these engines? I’m interested in trying one on my new buggy soon. Have had very little success finding any info. I was told there wasn’t a maxima distributor in the U.S which was the issue.

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