9 responses to “2016 ROAR Nats 1/8 Setups

  1. hi jared, you do me a setup for my track that is ugly? many holes, and some parts loose soil. I have tki4 and st-rr evo.2. thank you.

  2. hi jared on the truck setup could you post a picture of the location of the hole on the chub? as for knuckles did you choose original mp9 knuckles/ebuggy knuckles, tki3 knuckles or tki4 knuckles?
    thanks for any help and best of luck at worlds this year

  3. Is there anymore detail on where you drilled the hole in the chub for the rr? Also are you using original mp9 knuckles,tki3 knuckles or tki4 knuckles. Going to do the conversion after work today.
    Hope to try the new +2 towers and arm holders on the tki4 soon. Currently running your neo setup and liking it just a little edgey on turn in and a little push on high speed turn exits.

    • No I haven’t posted any more details on that. I will probably post something for the new year, as I have plans to get my STRR very competitive for 2017. I am using the STRR knuckles with the MP9 19 degree caster block. You have to shave on the back of the arm a little to get full steering. Sorry for the very long delay in response.

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