JTP RB6.6 V2 Front Tower

JTP is proud to announce the release of our new V2 Front Tower for the Kyosho RB6.6 Buggy. The 2wd buggy world has seen major change since 2013, with going to mid motor, and then in 2016, going even farther to a laydown midmotor transmission. I personally love the feeling of the laydown transmission, and I think the key feature being the shocks moving from the backside of the rear arm, to the front side. The corner speed you can carry and the support of the rear end is much better, combined with better jumping and landing characteristics. With all this change in the rear end, I was not happy with the front end feeling anymore. I have worked and tested for many days and came up with a new JTP V2 Front Tower. The geometry is much different compared to the JTP V1 and the standard RB6.6 Front Towers. I wanted a lower CG combined with more stability, and durability. With the V1, you needed to run the long shock end, and they would get damaged in certain crashes. You were also limited to your front droop options, as you simply could not make your front shock any longer. With the V2 I wanted to lose the long shock end and be able to adjust to get more droop, all without sacrificing your up travel. With the laydown transmission and shocks being moved, I feel the rear end has more support, so I like the feeling of more front droop now. Now I feel you can get the best of both worlds.

Here is my current setup with the V2 front tower. Take note that my rear end settings have been changed quite a bit as well, I would suggest doing a full setup test to feel all the advantages of this new product.

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