Summer 2020 Updated Tekno 2.0 Setups

Hey Guys. Sorry for not updating my setups since all the shutdowns and racing got haulted for a few months. We are back racing some and here are my current setups. Here are my new “Base” setups, my PNB setups, and my Cheyenne Showdown setups. I hope these help you gusy get all dialed in for the track conditions you are racing on!

EB48 2.0 2020 Summer Base

EB48 2.0 2020 PNB

EB48 2.0 2020 Cheyenne Showdown

NB48 2.0 2020 Summer Base

NB48 2.0 2020 PNB

NB48 2.0 2020 Cheyenne Showdown

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