1/10 Setups

RB6 ROAR Nats 2012

RB6 CRCRC 2013

RB6 Reedy 2013

RB6 2013 Cactus

RB6 2013 World Champion

RB6 CRCRC 2014

RB6 Reedy 2014

RB6 Cactus 2014

RB6 HRS 2014

RB6 Surf City 2014

RB6 ROAR Nats 2014

RB6 JC Invite

RB6 JC Nats Final2014

RB6 2015 CRCRC

RB6 2015 Reedy Race

RB6 2015 Cactus

RB6 May, 2015 Bolivar Carpet

RB6 2015 HRS

RB6 2016 CRCRC

RB6 2016 Reedy

RB6 2016 Cactus Classic

RB6.6 2016 The Plex

RB6.6 2016 HRS



RB6.6 2017 ROAR Nats

RB6.6 2017 Trackside

RB6.6 2017 IFMAR Worlds

ZX6 CRCRC 2014

ZX6 Reedy 2014

ZX6 Cactus 2014

ZX6 HRS 2014

ZX6 Surf City 2014

ZX6 ROAR Nats 2014

ZX6 JC Invite

ZX6 JC Nats Final2014

ZX6 2015 CRCRC

ZX6 2015 Reedy Race

ZX6 2015 Cactus

ZX6 2015 HRS

ZX6 2016 CRCRC

ZX6 2016 Reedy

ZX6 2016 Cactus Classic

ZX6 2016 The Plex

ZX6 2016 HRS



ZX6.6 2017 ROAR Nats

ZX6.6 2017 Trackside

ZX6.6 2017 IFMAR Worlds

RT6 2013 ROAR Nats

RT6 CRCRC 2014

RT6 Cactus 2014

RT6 HRS 2014

RT6 ROAR Nats 2014

RT6 2015 CRCRC

RT6 2015 Cactus

RT6 2015 HRS

RT6 2016 CRCRC

RT6 2016 Cactus Classic

RT6 2016 The Plex

RT6 2016 HRS


RT6 2017 ROAR Nats

SC6 HRS 2014

SC6 Surf City 2014

SC6 ROAR nats 2014

SC6 JC Nats Final2014

SC6 2015 CRCRC

SC6 2015 Cactus



125 responses to “1/10 Setups

  1. Hey Jared. I run on a indoors tacky medium/high grip clay track/ smooth/ semi wet with some bumps and small to medium jumps and a pretty tight layout. Am i gonna be safe running 2×1.6 pistons front and rear with 32.5/30 oils for tracks of similar conditions ? Thanks bud

    • Yeah you will be good with those pistons. I’m guessing this is for an RB6? Depending on the air temp, if the grip is med to high, 25/32.5 might be better.

  2. Hi Jared,
    Just started racing an RT6. I have it converted to a 3 gear and run the pack sideways. Its an indoor clay track with a similar look to SRS. Slightly less grip then SRS and extremely small and tight. My RB6 is very similar to your RB6 cactus setup minus the brass block and I am running a shorter rear link other than that, identical. So I started with your RT6 cactus setup and it feels like its not even close.

    My question is what hole are you using for the front shock tower. The setup sheet has two holes but the new towers are four holes. Also on the rear are you using a drilled hole more narrow? I have seen that in a few photos. I have very few packs on the truck so I haven’t played with much of anything set-up wise and figured I would make sure I am starting with the same baseline before I start chasing a set-up.

    Last question do you still run the quick change axle/tires? Seems like its additional weight, rotating mass, and unsprung weight.Can you switch the the SC6 axles and use a regular wheel?

    Thank you!

    • I run the 2nd hole from the inside on the 4 hole tower. I am running the standard holes in the rear arm. I have kinda fought the setup on the RT6 for certain tracks as well. I think it is a weight balance issue. I would try running a shorty sideways with a brass plate underneath it and have the battery all the way back. Then make the wheelbase a little longer. Yes I run the quick change. I’m not sure if you can use different wheels with the SC axles.

  3. hi jared I am looking for a starting point for my new zx6.
    the track I run on is very small 14 sec lap times decent jumps and bumpy. it is low to med grip clay when dry med to high when misted. track usually dries out for mains. I need a starting point that will work with both conditions. we also run slicks. thanks

  4. hey jared, why do you run 5×1.35mm pistons instead of a 2×1.6mm or even a 3×1.4 in your sc and st at most of the recent races? what is the advantage?

    • I have been trying different Pistons in my truck and SC. On higher grip tracks, I fight my trucks being very edgy, I run the 5×1.35 to try to make it easier to drive and less twitchy.
      Jared Tebo

  5. Hi Jared,
    Thank you very much for all your tips I tried white rear spring in dirt condition with my rb6 and the result is amazing
    Any advice for rear and front ball diff on zx6 ? Same tightening ?
    Thank you very very much

  6. Hi,
    On the RB6 or RT6 changing the ball stud height on the rear hub is commonly changed on your set up sheets. I understand lowering the ball stud allows the rear of the car to roll more and raising it reduces roll. My question for you is: when should I run a 2mm washer on the hub and when should lower it to a 1mm or 0?

    Thanks and good luck at NEO this year!

  7. I wanted to see if anyone has a mid motor sc6 setup for dry outdoor Arizona hardpack. The surface quickly dries leaving half the surface slightly dusty bumpy groove and the other half is semi swept dirt over hardpack. 6000mah stick and a 10.5 turn. I was going to try medium open cell inserts for some extra traction. It’s a sc6 setup mid motor for clay with dirt webs that’s coming wednesday. Seems like I’m building a unicorn but I’d like to try. Thank you.

  8. Jared, good meeting you last weekend at fastlane. Thanks for taking a picture with my son and giving him your autograph.

    In the photo you posted of your RT6 for the nationals in Omaha, were you running 2 shock collars per shock? Or can you elaborate on what that setup was? I’m having trouble after setting my ride height, it seems like my springs are a tad too short. I’m running 2mm limiters. Thanks in advance for your help

    • You have a great son, I enjoyed meeting him as well! I was running buggy springs, that’s why I have more collars. Our truck geometry seems kinda weird, the springs don’t always have tension on them when the truck is off the ground, I was trying to fix that with the buggy springs, but they are too soft.

  9. Hi Jared,
    Sorry to bother you one more time…but looking for a good starting setup for an OUTDOOR off-road track for the ZX6/6.6. Tires we use are AKA Impacts and Pro-Line Renegades to give you an idea. Track is watered and is packed OK but soft dirt.

    Any input would be great as I can’t find a single setup to even begin with that is anything like this. Not many moto cross outdoor off-road tracks left for 1/10th scale but again any help will be awesome!

    Thanks again,
    Gabe Boudreau
    5x Off-Road National Champion

  10. For your 2017 RB6.6 setup. I see you have 2×1.7 pistons..how did you get those? I couldn’t find 2×1.7 K branded pistons.

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