5 responses to “Nats cars

  1. Hi Jared
    I’m waiting for my zx6 kit to arrive in 3weeks. I was looking at the manual and curious what the front end pills actually do? The manual states to use B in B in on both mounts but it doesn’t explain anything. Could you explain? Is that kick up?

  2. Hey JT. My name is Andrew Castaneda I must say man from brothers in the Lord. You sure are the man. Listening to your testimony really touched my heart man. I wanna say I look up to you in racing aspects, but also being a man for the Lord. I wish there was a way to meet you bro. Keep up on the winnings man. Good luck in the Worlds! Sure will be rooting for ya! And one more thing. HOW! Can I get ahold of one of your racing shirts or a body that’d be awesome!

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