Day 2

Well day 2 of the ROAR Nats is here. Yesterday we had 6 practices carnival style (tickets), and 2 rounds of heat practice. It went good. I was pretty comfortable with the track at the end of the day. All my cars felt good. 2wd had too much grip, so I’m going to try a couple things today. For today we get 1 free practice in heats and then 2 seating practices. Pretty excited for today’s practice. Track turned out pretty good. It was really flaking apart early yesterday, but it got better. This morning Kevin was out doing work on it. He does sugar watered mud to patch and then burns it in with a huge torch. It’s pretty cool.

Had a HB team spotting during my morning track walk.

Ready for practice today. I need solid runs to get my confidence high for qualifying.


4 responses to “Day 2

  1. Been a fan from way back in the gas truck days running for ae, good luck Jared, hope the new cars work well

  2. Interested in your opinion on these high grip, sugared tracks. Drivers love grip, but you guys are all so talented. Sometimes I think it would be fun to watch you all compete while sliding around a bit!

    • I love the high grip tracks. The sugar makes it more consistent and widens the groove. It’s fun to drive on a loose track, but it’s no fun racing on one. The racing is way better on high grip. People say the pros are spoiled with high grip tracks. It’s harder to go really fast on sugar than a loose track.

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