Seeded practice

Got 1 round of seeded practice down. The track is really good today, the weather is, it’s all good. Truck was first. Felt good, and I had a really clean 6 minute run. I was able to throw some fast laps down too. I got the fastest seed time in P1.

4wd was next and it went good too. Car felt really good and smooth. I had a clean run, couple bobbles, but no marshals. 3rd fastest seed time. Gonna make a little change for P2.

2wd wasn’t as good. Car felt good, but I just crashed a few times on my own, then hit a ton of crashed cars. Couldn’t get my 3 laps in a row for seeding. Need a solid run in P2 to get in the A heat tomorrow. I’m not worried, car will be good on this next run


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