Day 1 qualifying

Well Q1 and Q2 have come and gone. Today was a day I’d love to forget. I was feeling really good about my cars and my driving this morning. Q1 of truck was ok, but I had two stupid mistakes that cost me TQ. I ended up second. 4wd went the same. I crashed on the 2nd lap and then was pushing too hard and crashed more. Ended up 5th. 2wd didn’t get better. Crashed a bunch and got 9th. I was pretty bummed after those runs. Q2 truck was pretty rough. I crashed a bunch and got 5th. I made a couple changes to my 4wd. It was really good and I was driving great. There was only a few laps to go and I finally got into the lead. Then I decided to fling my car off the track at the end of the straight. The track is crazy edgy. I thought I entered it like I did every other lap. Got 4th after that. Last 2wd run my car was really hard to drive. Tons of steering. I was just wanting a clean run. I paced myself and was just cruising trying to be smooth. Ran 3rd the whole run and then flung off the end of the straight and in the center section on the last lap. Went from a 3 to a 7. I’m not happy at all with today. I’m doing a lot of work to my cars and try to get my mind better for tomorrow. Hopefully I can have a happier post tomorrow 🙂

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