The beauty of cycling

Some may know my newest hobby is cycling. I did a little mtb a few years ago, but didn’t really get into it. About 1 year ago I got a road bike and I have fallen in love with it. Many other RC racers have started cycling as well. At first I didn’t think I would enjoy it. I’m a dirt guy; jumps, ruts, just dirt. I thought it was gonna be lame. Man has God blessed me with a great outlet. You can slow your whole world down and really connect with nature, or friends. It’s crazy beautiful out where I live and the country roads are awesome. The fitness side is good as well. You won’t feel good at first 🙂 but after your cardio builds, the burn feels great and you can really feel your progress.


My wife loves to run. I can run a little, but if you ever raced MX, you know how your knees feel. I can manage a few 5k’s a year, but that’s it. She wanted to try cycling with me. We borrowed a bike and she has now gone on 2 rides and is really enjoying it. We went 18 and 27 miles, which was awesome. She’s pretty much awesome. Now she’s wanting a bike, which is rad!!!!


Go check out your local bike shop. Get out and enjoy Gods beautiful world he made for us. A healthy body is a healthy mind, a healthy mind is a faster lap on the RC track!!!!! God Bless and ride safe!!!!

6 responses to “The beauty of cycling

  1. I took up cycling this spring as well and started riding with the local bike club. Our local cycling club is great because there are group rides almost every night of the week. If there is a cycling club in your area you should check them out.

    You are correct in your statement that, “A healthy body is a healthy mind, a healthy mind is a faster lap on the RC track!” Since changing my diet and riding this year I’ve lost 65lbs and feel great. I have noticed I focus better at the track as well and as a result, am going faster.

    • That’s awesome to hear. Congrats on losing all that weight. That has to feel unreal. I’ve done a few shop group rides. I’m looking to find some more though.

  2. Hey, nice jersey. I run the BikeSource on 135th and Quivira. I was blown away when I checked your blog to see your rockin’ our jersey! I get a chance to race @ Fastlane a couple times a month, and Sam has started working at our shop a couple hours a week when he’s not @ Fastlane.

    Anyway, look me up sometime and we can geek out on cycling stuff. I can also steer you towards some good rides.

    • That’s awesome. Yeah I got all my stuff at the other store. They hooked me up pretty good. Let them know there gear got some pretty good exposure. 🙂

  3. Good job Jared,

    Seems that many racers are getting in to cycling around my area as well. Most say pretty much the same as you did, Your Girls will thank you even more later in life.

  4. I see you have tried mtn biking. I think you would like MTN biking more after seeing the new trails that are opening up everywhere. The scenery is amazing. If you ever want to get out let me know I have several mtn bikes. I need to get back out t here. My wife is new to it so I will be taking her to the easy places that are fun. I don’t do road biking because the cars around me freak me out.

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