I’m here

I’m at the college now and just getting ready for some much needed sleep. All my flights were good and all my stuff arrived. Got my fuel and my tires….I’m ready to rock baby. Glen (uk racer) picked me up at Birmingham and we had about an hour drive to Shropshire, Newport. It was a nice scenic drive through the country all the way there.



After getting some lunch at Subway….yes Jared still eats at Subway, we arrived at the track. Checked out the layout and it looked great. It’s got some major big jumps and it should be fun to drive on. Met up with all my UK buddies after that and just chilled around for a while. The Craddocks had a nice setup with a camper, music, x-box, and grill. They cooked up some proper meats and we ate dinner. Hear that English ascent ๐Ÿ™‚



Now it’s time for RC Cribs Neo style. As you enter in the front door, you can see the very nice one bedroom, studio style accommodations. On your left is the full bath with a tricky double faucet. It takes mad skill to get both sides going while trying to generate a nice water temperature for your hands.


After you master the sink, it’s off to the closet. As you can see, I’m a neat FREAK. Got all the race wear in there, even some workout gear so i can into fitness. Gotta keep up with my wife ๐Ÿ™‚ Next we got the master suite corner bed. Watch out for the morning stretch as you might stub a toe or 10. I got the penthouse suite, so I got the killer views!!!!



After that amazing view, it’s time for the real stuff. BOOM…..the pit area. And again, nice and neat. I like it to just be set up in here for charging and what not. It’s right next to the track so it works out good. Also I keep my tires up in my room (normally because it is around 40 degrees in the track area when the race is in April) and when I bring them down to the actual pits to put them on my car right before my race, everyone thinks I’m cheating with tire additive. It’s kinda funny to me. Last year my tires got checked after every run. Haha. They had nothing to find though. The rides are all ready to rock for practice. Fresh new MP9e body. Can’t wait to get out there.


Now you guys got to see my room, my closet, and my cars, it’s time for you to leave !!!! Thanks for reading and God Bless

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