Practice has begun

Neo13 has officially began. Had 3 practices with Nitro buggy, and 1 with electric buggy. Both cars felt really good. I had the fastest seed time in P1 and P2, and ended up 2nd after P3. The track was getting faster each round, and I tried a different tire in P3 and it just wasn’t as good. I’m pumped to run tomorrow. Had a great time talking to all the racers today. I really enjoy international races and getting meet and greet with people I only see once or twice a year. Track was pretty fun today. Not the normal flow that this race has had in years past, but there are some fun sections. There is a MASSIVE double in the middle that really cost some dudes some money today. There were cars dropping from 12 feet up straight on the roof. I also heard of quite a few people needing new chassis after today as they “tacoed” there’s by coming up short on the big double, and, or the triple single. Here’s some pics of the day. Got my pit setup and we have a large Kyosho pit area which is rad. There are a TON of Kyosho MP9’s out here this year. That’s awesome to see. Thanks for the support!!!!


We even had some Kyosho cup cakes going around. Oh yeah, that is how we roll. Haha. A Kyosho driver from the UK turned 12 today. Happy B-Day Lewis!!!!

I had a request to post about the track food, so here you are. They are rocking on the track food in 2013. For lunch I went curry. I’m a yank, so I had to go with the mild chicken, but it was rocking!!!!!! Had some mint sauce on top; was a little scared of it today, tomorrow I go with more sauce. Spice & Rice is legit!!!!


For dinner I went pizza. It was awesome as well. They hand tossed it right there, then it was Subway style to pick your toppings. They topped that by stone firing it right there. It was pretty tasty. Gonna have to do a little fitness tonight though to burn that off 😦




Normally once a year I brush up on my pitting skills. My UK buddy Gurdeep is my driver, he’s a little rusty on driving, and I’m rusty at putting, were a perfect match. It’s all in good fun though, he was getting after it today.

Thanks for reading. Got P4, P5, and then Q1 tomorrow. On that note, I’m off. God Bless

One response to “Practice has begun

  1. Jared, I wish you fun and good luck at this year’s NEO. I hope you can repeat previous years’ results!
    And keep up the great work on your blog – very enjoyable and informative to read. All the best, and god bless!

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