Day 1 of the Kings

Today was a LOOONG day. We are doing invite Reedy style racing. We ran 4 4wd and 4 2wd races. Computer issues were the flavor of the day. My cars felt really good. I’m getting my comfort figured out, which is the goal of this weekend. I got my 2wd calmed down, not I just need to figure my driving a little better. The higher grip tracks, the harder you drive, the better your cars feel. That’s not my style. It’s tough for me to drive hard for a full 5 minutes. As soon as I try to smooth out, all of sudden my cars feels terrible. I’m trying to punch it though 🙂 check out the grip of the track.

Started my day out with some Starbucks. That’s not my style, but Cav can’t live without that in the morning, so we went for it.

We were allowed 4 sets of tires for 4wd and 4 sets for 2wd. Got most of them ready to rock.

As for the racing today, it went good. Cav got the better of me in some of the races we raced each other. I got the speed to win tomorrow, I just need to wheel it. In excited for the heads up racing, hoping the organization is better tomorrow. Our last 4wd race was in the dark. There are no lights, and it was legit dark out. It was pretty wild to drive. After that Joel took us out for an AKA dinner. Ooommmppp!!!! Thanks Joel.

I’m whooped. I’m off to bed. Thanks for checking in and God Bless.

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