Kings is over

The Offroad Kings is over. It was a great weekend. It was just what I needed before the worlds. I got a lot of track time on high grip, and got some comfort. It was a confusing race program, with reedy race format, but 2wd and 4wd separate. I ended up 2nd in 2wd, with Cav and I tied on points going into the final race. I got in a first lap crash and was last, leaving Cav up front to take an easy win. I came back to 2nd, but whoever won the final race, took the win. In 4wd I ended up 3rd. I was not able to win over Cav in any of the races we had together. I had 2nd almost locked up heading into the final race. Cav, Carson, and myself were all in the same race. Carson was leading, I was 2nd, with Cav 3rd, but then I made a mistake to let Cav get by. Carson drove a great race and took the win, and that gave him 2nd overall. I seemed to go the wrong direction all weekend with my 4wd setup. For more track time, I stayed and ran more on Monday. I got much needed track time, and the goal of the trip was accomplished. Now I feel ready for the Worlds!!!!! Can’t wait to get to Chico!!!!! Thanks to AKA for getting me out to NorCal Hobbies and for the fun weekend of racing. I’m sitting at the Oakland airport getting ready to board my plane. I’m off, thanks for checking in and God Bless.

One response to “Kings is over

  1. Good so get to see you this weekend Jared,

    Thanks for all the info and help with the mid setup on the 2wd. For sure helped me out a lot, wish I would have made those changes sooner, but at least now I know. Kyosho cars are near perfect for sure, just wish they’d not be so over optioned at times. Thanks again for you time and wish you the best come the Worlds in a couple weeks.

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