Rosalynn’s First Car

Kyosho makes a mini z replica of my 4wd. I haven’t ordered one, so I went ahead and ordered up one for Roz. She loves my race cars, and always wants her own. She was excited to say the least.



She is very excited to go on an airplane Saturday and go to CA. She says she’s going out there to race too. We are both going to race, and we are both going to win. I love kids. She just lights up my life. Here is a video of here talking about her new race car.

Thanks Kyosho for the awesome little car. If any of you have small kids, go get them a JTP edition Kyosho Mini Z. They will love it!!!!! Thanks for checking in, and God Bless.

4 responses to “Rosalynn’s First Car

  1. She is adorable! I have 2 little boys (2 and 5) that were just as excited when they first received their first SCT’s.

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