The Joy of Moving

We are in the process of moving right now. Kinda a long story, here’s the short version. We have been wanting to build our dream house for a few years. It finally happened. We started building our custom home last year. A few months before it was finished, we felt God telling us that we didn’t need it and we should sell it. We listened and after it was finished, we put it on the market. It has been on the market for a few months, and if it doesn’t get a contract while we are at the Worlds, we are moving in. We are impatient, maybe God is trying to teach me patience, I’m not really sure.

Anyways, we are starting to move boxes and most of the small things now. Yesterday I moved all my RC memorabilia. I packed the Ford Flex full and took it all over.





My baby got the front seat!!!!! Haha

And then it was down in the basement for it all.

The pluses and minuses to having a great career. I love to look at some of my most memorable trophies and cars. It brings me right back to that day and that race. God has truly blessed me!!!!! Well, have a great day and God Bless. Thanks for reading

2 responses to “The Joy of Moving

  1. Good luck on the move. Being in the military for almost 20 years, I’ve gotten to move every 2-3 years… The few good parts of moving is getting to look at memorabilia I’ve collected from all my travels that I haven’t looked at since the last move…

  2. Good luck on the move. Being in the Navy for almost 20 years, I’ve been fortunate/unfortunate to move every 2-3 years. The few good parts of moving is getting to see memorabilia from my previous travels – that I haven’t seen since the last move…

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