2013 IFMAR Worlds: We are on our Way!

The time has finally come, it is World Championship time once again. This World Championship is different, it’s on US soil, and my family it attending with me. We are all very excited and ready for the week long event. It’s been a crazy week of packing, building cars, and running at my local track. Now we are ready. We managed to get our dogs dropped off with my Mom, and get our our bags, and us to the airport on time. Roz loves planes, and is ready to get on our first leg of our flight trip. We will be checking in at the track in Chico, CA later this evening. Here are some pics of the start of our journey.





Check back in later today, and everyday of the Worlds. We will be posting about our journey and sharing it with all of you. Thanks for reading, and God Bless. Want to wish all who are traveling to the Worlds a safe travel day.

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