2013 IFMAR Worlds: Day 1, opening ceremonies

Day 1 of the 2013 World Championships are here. Today was a pretty laid back day, a perfect start to the week. Yesterday we were gifted a lot of rain and very wet track. When we showed up at 10am, the track crew was already hard at work getting it ready.


The sun was out and the track was already looking like they could pull it back together for Mondays practice. Next was just checking in for the race and getting all your driver info, badges, tech stickers, and all the other goodies they had for us. I set my pit up and it was time to mount my practice tires.

Got them all mounted and then Roz wanted us both to get our cars ready. Then she wanted to take her car over to the race track, you know, just to check it out.


Next it was time to mount my race tires. In 2wd it is a spec rear tire and foam. I got 9 pairs of race tires. I learned about a rule today. I normally run 2 holes in my wheels. I was messing with my practice tires and ended up putting 4 small holes in my wheels. I then punched 4 holes in my 9 pairs of race wheels. I got my tires in tech, you have to mount and glue your tires in the tech area while staff watch over to make sure you are not doing anything crazy. They saw my wheels before I started glueing, and said they were not legal. You can only have 2 holes, no bigger than 6mm. Whoops. Most of my day was spent under the tire tent.

4pm and it was time for the opening ceremonies to start. I love this part. All the countries get together and walk out to there national anthem. They even allowed Roz to walk out with me. We both held our cars are put them out for the Concourse De Elegance. Neither of our cars won though.


That was a special time for Roz and I. It was pretty fun to walk out there holding her hand while she held her car. After all that we were pretty much all done. All in all, it was a good day. Got my race batteries all through tech, got my car all ready to go. Got to catch up with the Kyosho engineers and get anything they had special for the worlds. We should be ready to rock and roll for practice. Check back in tomorrow to see how it goes after we finally hit the track. Thanks for checking in, and God Bless.

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