2013 IFMAR Worlds: 2wd World Champion

I am World Champion!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it, what a wild day. My emotions were all over the place after the rain started falling last night. The finals we intense. I’ve never really felt pressure like those last laps in A1 and A2. That was insane!!!!!! I’m sooooooooooo happy I was able to handle my emotions and stay smooth. Thanks to all my sponsors, all my fans, my family, and mostly my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have really wanted this title. It feels amazing to want it, do all the hard work, and then for it to pay off and get the result, it’s just a dream come true.


How cool is that, Chikuba was a designer for Kyosho when they won there last 2wd World Championship with Joel Johnson in 1987 (year I was born) Now 26 years later, Chikuba designs another World Championship car for Kyosho. Domo Arigatogoziamashita!!!!!

30 responses to “2013 IFMAR Worlds: 2wd World Champion

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  2. As I watched both mains on LiveRC.com, I found myself shaking for you. I am blown away how calm you kept yourself and pulled it out. CONGRADS WORLD CHAMP!!!!

  3. Tebo take a look a this video. Start watching a 8:47. The guy with the kyosho sweater, was he a pain in the butt? He tried to shake your hand twice and you left him hanging. It did not look cool, you ignored one of your.

    • I have nothing to hide or admit to. I didn’t mean to ignore anybody. I just won a World Championship and I was in shock. There was people everywhere, camera flashes everywhere, and tears in my eyes. I will not let anybody try to ruin my day. Please take you drama elsewhere.

      • Right on brother! It’s not like you intentionally missed a handshake considering dude was in your face with his iPhone! I couldn’t imagine how crazy it’s all been for you and your family people will always be negative and try and take away happiness from others! Good luck in 4wd!!!!

      • I seriously don’t think Jared want to ignore him. It is simply the excitement and all the craziness. So get over it James! Are you the person in the video LOL.

        Jared, love your new blog and I hope you will carry on posting. Please post your winning setup too so we all Kyosho-san can learn from you.

        Love this blog and love your winning. Sucks on 4wd but thats ok. Now lets focus on 1/8 WC and I’m sure you can do it!

  4. What a victory, fantastic job to both you and Joe. Seems like you guys are working like nothing else in this world and that was certainly confirmed by this win. Godspeed:)

  5. Fantastic job, Jared! Nerves of steel holding on in those mains. Amazing driving, and I’m so glad all your hard work has pad off! Congrats, and we’re all looking forward to you doubling with 4WD!!!

  6. Awsome job Jared! Can you shed a little light on what changes you made after A1 when you realized the traction was so high?

    • I actually made no changes at all. The only difference was I had to run new rear tires. I pretty much ran 1 run tires all of qualifying and in A1. With the second practice being canceled, I couldn’t break in a set of rears. My car felt good and safe, maybe not the fastest, but safe, I didn’t want to change anything setup wise.

  7. Hi Jared, Congrats on the World Championship. I have a quick setup question with regards to UM521-1 rear arms on the RB6. Do you always run them flipped for shorter wheelbase (straight edge to the rear) even in rear motor config? Thanks, Dan.

  8. I didn’t see anyone being ignored in this video. I did see a young man slightly overwhelmed with joy and excitement and a bit in shock. Great job Bro.

      • Hi Jared
        Thanks for the reply, I suppose I didn’t really think about track conditions. Being from Ireland we run a lot on Astro due to the wet weather. There is so many tyre options now, so hard to make the right choice.
        Once again thanks for the reply, enjoying the blog.

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