IFMAR World Championship: Megan’s post

For those of you who do not know me, I am Jared’s wife, Megan. I cannot explain to you how amazing it has been to be here at the World’s race. During the opening ceremonies, I was just in awe of all the people from all over the world coming together for this one race. I imagined them all packing their bags just as we did, but in a totally different part of the world. Hearing all the different languages just made me feel like I was a part of something truly great. All the people here have been so welcoming. Also, hearing all the other languages makes me feel silly not knowing another language! Most every country can speak English. So I have also been humbled in that sense as well.


Well 2WD drive mains were so crazy! The night before the mains Jared, Roz, and myself went to dinner with a few sprinkles on us and before dinner was over, it was down pouring! Jared was slightly freaking out. He was so confident before the rain came. He knew how his car handled during qualifying. He told me he was calm and confident. Once the rain had done its damage, Jared was frazzled. The track crew did an absolutely amazing job getting the track back into shape but no one knew really what to expect.


I was told there would be two practices and an A main warmup. The first practice everyone was watching. They did about a five minute practice and immediately put them into a moch A main start. Jared, being top qualifier, started at the front. The sound went and Jared wrecked the first corner. He wasn’t bad, but lets just say I took my time getting back to his pits.


So, it wasn’t great but Jared still had another practice and a moch A main. During the afternoon there was a pretty significant cloud coming our way that was getting darker and much much bigger. Roz and I decided we would play some frisbee during the interim until the announcer announced that the next practice would be the actual A main due to the threatening cloud coverage, and not only that but the A main would start in 15 minutes! Roz and I ran back to the pits while they announced that all cars to tech ASAP. When I finally reached Jared’s pit, he was still working on his car. I tried to keep a calm face as my insides wanted to scream out, “Hurry” and “Ahhhh.” I said good luck and the race was underway within less than 15 minutes.


It was such a great race and Jared looked smooth and calm. It was nail biting close at the last corner but Jared held it together and finished with the win. Jared came down the steps to all the media and people taking pictures and didn’t look as happy as one would have expected. He walked fast to his pits and was quiet. I thought, ‘Well what happened?’  I finally said great job and he should be happy and he quickly replied that hadn’t won yet! He was trying not to get all worked up which made sense.


The next main was almost identical except Jared made two mistakes but quickly got back to the lead. He handled the pressure even when Maifeld was all over his back door on the last lap. He passed the finish line and I screamed! I looked up to see his reaction and the only thing I saw was his back running down the stairs! Haha He had run down the stairs to give Joe Pillars a huge hug.


And now today’s a new day and everyone is now focused on 4WD. That’s okay with me because I’ll always remember the day my amazing husband won his dream title as the 2 Wheel World Champion.

5 responses to “IFMAR World Championship: Megan’s post

  1. For Jared to win the most significant prize in RC racing in front of his family must be the greatest feeling for you and him. Could not have happened to a more classy guy!

  2. Congradualtions to the Jared and his family… What a awesome victory.! I know how he worked hard for this win …Keep up, always a fan…

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