13′ Reedy Truck Race: Back at it

Back at the airport again. Holy cow am I tired. We’ve been crazy busy since the Worlds. We arrived back in KC Monday evening and then early Tuesday morning we were moving all our stuff out of our house. Truck load after truck load, and thousands of stairs later. Tuesday morning at 7am till Wednesday night at 12pm, but we did it!!!!! We are all moved into our new house. It feels pretty good and we are back in a neighborhood. We are all excited about that and I can’t wait for me and Roz’s first neighborhood bike ride together.

So I’m headed back out to CA, this time for the Reedy Truck Race. I personally love this race. I like truck and this race is very special. In 2001 driving for AE, with Mike Reedy as team manager, I TQed gas truck. After qualifying, we were in our hotel, and Mike Reedy came into out room (me and my dad) and offered me my first salary as a professional driver. I was 14 years old and they wanted to give me $250 a month to drive RC cars, I was pretty happy. The next day I won the 45 minute main!!!!! That weekend has a special spot in my heart. I still have the TQ and Winning trophy.

Sorry for the lack of posts, I need longer days 🙂 stay tuned to see updates this weekend. Thanks for checking in and God Bless.

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